We provide our staff a competitive remuneration in the industry, evaluate them according to their performance, implement effective incentive and promotion plans, and encourage them to achieve personal growth. 



Apart from insurance and housing fund, we offer other rich and complete welfare to our staff, such as bonus and gifts for traditional festivals, birthday, marriage and maternity. Additionally, we provide our staff various fruits every day to ensure a healthy diet for them.


Physical Examination for Staff

With great emphasis on the physical fitness of our staff, we afford to give them a complete scheme of physical examination every year so that they can work and live with good health.


Recreational Activities

In addition to routine work, we often organize various sports events, outdoor training and the activities for public interest. Moreover, we have photographing, badminton and reading groups, which provide a good platform of exchange for our staff in their spare time. 


Personnel Service

As a hi-tech enterprise, we provide a registered permanent residence in Beijing for excellent new graduates, returned students, senior technologists, managerial talents and those who meet relevant requirements. Meanwhile, we help other employees who also meet relevant requirements obtain a residence permit in Beijing so as to facilitate their work and life in Beijing. Also, we offer other preferential policies to our staff and try our best to help them solve troubles.