SDN/NFV Technical Standards
SDN/NFV Technical Standards

BII Group has always enthusiastically participated in the making of various SDN standards, designed SDN prototype products and organized SDN PlugFest tests to demonstrate SDN/OpenFlow standards. As a member unit of the ONF (Open Networking Foundation) and the first SDN testing and certification lab authorized by the ONF beyond the USA, BII joins in the ONF workday activities for discussions on standards and opinion feedback on a regular basis. 


 BII has participated in the making and opinion feedback of the following OpenFlow standards:

  OpenFlow 1.0 Testing Norm conformance-test-spec-openflow-1.0.1

  OpenFlow1.3.2Testing Norm

  OpenFlow Switchboard Norm openflow-spec-v1.3.2

  OpenFlow Switchboard Norm openflow-spec-v1.3.4

  OpenFlow Configuration Norm OF-Config1.2

  OpenFlow Configuration Norm OF-Config1.1.1

  Table Type Pattern TTP 


BII actively follows the SDN standards made by such organizations like IETF, ITU, NFV and exchange ideas with relevant organizations:


《IETF I2RS(Interface To The Routing System)》

《IETF Software Driven Networks SDN(BOF)》

《ITU-T SG13(Future networks including cloud computing, mobile and next-generation networks)》

《ETSI ISG Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)》