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Introduction to BII Group
Introduction to BII Group

With a vision of "Pilot the next generation internet and let everyone benefit from the Internet", BII Group has been a successful international organization promoting market-oriented technical innovations at core and providing industry leading testing services worldwide. Through two decades of endless dedication, BII have become a world leading technical public service platform for internet infrastructure with focus on IPv6 Root Server, IPv6, software-defined networks (SDN) /Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Internet of Things (IoT).

The honor of “Innovative Pilot Enterprises” was conferred by Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Science, and the Beijing Municipal Government to BII Group, which has won more than ten national and provincial-level awards, including the First Prize of Science and Technology awarded by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Advanced Group of Hi-Tech empowered Olympics, etc. BII Group leads the efforts in formulating more than 30  international, national, and industrial alliance/group standards, such as IPv6, SDN/NFV and IoT, propelled by its own nearly 100 patents.


In the realm of IPv6 Root Server, Beijing Internet Institute (www.cfiec.net), the subordinate unit of BII Group, systemic research IPv6 Root Server and actively promote the global deployment. In the realm of IPv6-enabled next generation of Internet, the plan for migration from IPv4 to IPv6 and the plan for transition and interworking have been deployed at scale in telecom carriers. IPv6 and Internet of Things-enabled industrial solutions have been applied in petrochemical, agricultural, construction and other key industries. BII Group has also built the engineering lab of the next generation Internet IPv6 testing and certificating service, including the largest Global IPv6 Testing Center in the world, accounting for 45% of the total amount of testing service in the world. BII Group has also been a core member responsible for establishing China’s Next Generation Internet (CNGI). Regarding SDN/NFV, BII Group established the Global SDN Certified Testing Center, by which it becomes the globally first ever international OpenFlow certificating lab, providing SDN/NFV test, certification and consulting service worldwide. BII Group also promote the test standards and independently develop related testing tools. 

BII Group, advancing for years in the direction of scientific and technological innovation, is committed to the development route of owning core technology, formulating international standards, and promoting industrialization. Since 1999 when BII Group was established, It has made great breakthroughs in IPv6 Root Server, IPv6, SDN/NFV, and IoT. As a vanguard in formulating and promoting international standards, BII Group, favored by accumulated abundant experience in formulating standards and promoting industries in conformity with standards, has blazed a trail of cooperation with international organizations, leading formulation of international standards, launching industrial alliance, hosting summits to boost industry, academy, research and application, and standardization and industrialization of establishing public service platforms.





In 1995

Established Beijing Internet Institute, the first institute of Internet research in China, with instant involvement in the research and planning in national information highway.

BII held the China INET1995 for the first time.


In 1997

The first to launch Webhosting service, and led the country to provide website service of Internet information to large enterprises.


In 1998

Established cooperation with Directorate General of Telecommunications,P&T,China (China Telecom) , to prepare and run the China Telecom website, and initiated the online commercials in China.


In 1999

BII Group Holdings Ltd was established to kick off the industrial involvement and started the group business operation.

BII Group is one of the initiators and standing director unit in the Internet Society of China

BII Group served as the Advisory Unit of the Ministry of Telecommunication in the ICANN Governmental Advisory Commission.


In 2001

Cooperated with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications to establish the next generation Internet research and development center.


In 2003

BII Group established, in cooperation with China Telecom, the China’s first quasi-commercial IPv6 pilot network in Hunan province.

BII Group is the council member of the Global IPv6 Forum and hosted the first global IPv6 summit held in China.

BII Group has also established, in cooperation with the Telecom Research Institute of MIIT, to develop the next generation Internet experiment network 6TNet.


In 2005

BII Group led the efforts in launching and has been chairing the Zhong Guancun industrial alliance of the next generation Internet.

BII Group was in charge, with China Netcom, China Telecom, China Earthquake Administration, Huawei, ZTE, and other council members, of China’s Next Generation Internet (CNGI) pilot program. President & CEO Mr. Liu Dong was awarded the IPv6 Internet Vanguard by Dr. Vint Cerf--Father of Internet.


In 2007

BII Group successfully won the bid for the Go4IT project (oriented towards future information technology) in the sixth China-EU framework.

BII Group won the laureate of One-Hundred Zhongguancun Innovative Enterprises conferred by Ministry of Science and Technology, the Beijing Municipal Government, and the Chinese Academy of Science.


In 2008

BII Group established and has been since chairing the ubiquitous green working group IEEE 1888 in IEEE. The Remote Video Monitoring Equipment Technology based on IP led by BII has become the national standard (YD/T1806-2008);

The IPv6 Ready Testing Center, established by BII Group, has become one of the three global testing centers, and obtained the largest address field of /28 in China.

BII Group also cooperated with China Netcom to deploy real-time monitoring and sensing systems that supports IPv6 in 50 Olympic stadiums and gymnasiums, with the laureate of Advanced Group of Hi-Tech powered Olympics awarded by the national leading group of hi-tech powered Olympics.


In 2009

BII Group won the honor of Enterprise with 20-Year Excellent Contribution to Zhongguancun.

BII Group entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with APNIC to enhance the cooperation and interaction between the two sides in Internet development.

BII Group launched the global IPv6 service and website certificating system that serves the whole world.

BII Group also led the efforts in establishing the Zhongguancun Internet of Things Alliance, and has become the vice-chair of the alliance.


In 2010

BII Group launched the IPv6-based solutions of agricultural Internet of Things and green smart buildings and achieve large-scale deployment of industrialization.

The IPv6-based agricultural Internet of Things was deployed on a large scale in Heilongjiang. Li Changchun, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, had a field investigation and operated the system in person and then expressed his great praise. On July 13, CCTV News made a special report entitled Heilongjiang agricultural reclamation: industrial informatization and science and technology promote upgrading on the Heilongjiang agricultural Internet of Things project implemented by BII Group. Moreover, BII Group’s IPv6-based ubiquitous green community solutions were applied for demonstration in Tsinghua University and Zhongguancun Software Park.


In 2011

The ubiquitous green community international standard IEEE 1888, driven by the efforts led by BII, was officially launched and published, which won the Award of Standards of Excellent Contribution given by IEEE and the Second Prize of Science and Technology awarded by China Communication Standards Association.

The global IPv6 Ready testing center provided testing service to the CERNET-related IPv6 pilot websites to promote the IPv6 research and development and industrialization.

BII Group successfully held IPv6-Day events in China.

The global IPv6 Ready testing center was inaugurated as the Zhongguancun Open Lab, and was enlisted in the pilot project of Zhongguancun modern service.

BII Group launched the ICP websites-oriented platform for smooth migration to IPv6—smart 6, in cooperation with China Telecom.

BII Group issued the solution to smart oil fields based on IPv6 in cooperation with PetroChina, which was published in the China Hi-Tech Fair.


In 2012

President & CEO Mr. Liu Dong was elected into the expert group of national critical special projects for the new generation broadband wireless mobile communication network.

As a core member, BII Group is fully committed to the next generation Internet evaluation and testing system, standardization, industrialization and applied pilot projects.

BII Group contracted to build the Next Generation Internet IPv6 Testing and Certification Service Beijing Municipal Engineering Lab.

BII Group contracted to build the Next Generation Internet Key Technology Beijing Municipal Engineering Research Center (referred to as Beijing Internet Institute).


In 2013

BII Group established the Global SDN Certified Testing Center (SDNCTC);

BII Group cooperated with ONF to enter into an agreement of strategic cooperation, which made it the first in the world to host the international OpenFlow certificating lab.

The green community international standards IEEE 1888.3 (Security Standard) was officially published.

The IPv6 Ready testing amount surpassed the United States to become the top one in the world.


In 2014

BII Group established global IPv6 DNS experimental verification platform

BII Group held the most influential PlugFest testing event in alliance with ONF.

ONF and BII Jointly Established Open SDN Promotion Center (OSPC) to promote the development of SDN in China


In 2015

IEEE 1888 standards was given the green light by ISO/IEC, to become the first international standards of Internet of energy in the world (ISO/IEC/IEEE 18880).

An IPv6-only DNS Root Tested----Yeti DNS Project officially launched

The first all-covering OpenFlow 1.3 conformance testing tool in the world led by Global SDN Certified Testing Center—OFsuite—has been officially launched.

Liu Dong becomes the Member of IEEE-SA Board of Governors, where he is the first board member from China in history.

Beijing Internet Institute was approved to upgrade to a national engineering center.

In 2016

BII Group signed a MOU with ONOS to promote SDN controller development

First Global Network Technology Conference (GNTC) has been hold in Beijing

BII Group is approved to establish the postdoctoral research station

IPv6 root server start operation for global

In 2017

Jointly initiated the Z-Park Industrial Internet Consortium

Released the world's first SDN / NFV solution testing reports

Jointly established China Unicom-BII Next Generation Internet Lab

Leading the launch of Internet Infrastructure Forum (IIF)

In 2018

Jointly built and operated the world's first industry IPv6 Root Server System with WASU Group

Jointly established ZHEJIANG LAB-BII Next Generation Internet Research Institute

Signed a MOU with IPv6 Forum to establish a permanent secretariat in China

In 2019

Jointly built the Joint Laboratory of IPv6 Innovation with China Telecom

First Network and Compute Developers Conference (NCDC) has been hold in Beijing

President Liu Dong elected vice-chairman of the Internet Society of China and the Cybersecurity Association of China

BII Group signed a MoU with APNIC to jointly promote the development of IPv6 industry

Started to build the High Performance Computing Center in Nanjing

Liu Dong becomes the member of the IEEE-SA New Standards Committee, in adding to his concurrent role as IEEE-SA Standards Board member